Food Fight: Popular Blogger Claims Burger King Stole His Mac n’ Cheetos Recipe Idea

The Vulgar Chef says he published a recipe for Cheetos-crusted mac and cheese fries nine months before Burger King’s release

On the left, the Vulgar Chef’s creation: On the right, a fast food imitation? 

On the whole, the fast food industry has been trying to make significant strides toward dietary awareness. But Burger King took a giant leap backward in healthfulness when it introduced its new Cheetos-encrusted fried macaroni and cheese bites called Mac n’ Cheetos.

But this indulgent fried snack may not have been a BK original: Vulgar Chef — aka Kyle Marcoux — the popular food blogger with a penchant for profanity, is claiming Burger King stole his idea. Last year, he published a recipe for “Cheetos Crusted Mac N Chees Fries,” and nine months later Burger King came out with its own version.

As you might expect, the Vulgar Chef didn’t mince words when he vented about his predicament.

“At first I was like what the f***? Like…you’re f****** Burger King,” he told FoodBeast. “It actually is a little flattering that a company as large as BK would take an idea from a fat, drunk, illiterate food blogger who is basically an Internet food troll. Kind of sad if you ask me.”


Rather than seeking legal compensation, he’s just adding Burger King to a list of food companies who have “used” his recipes, his way of sticking it to “the man.” Patenting a recipe is actually very difficult: The recipe must be totally “novel" and "nonobvious,” something that has “never existed before,” according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.