‘Food for All’ App Lets You Buy Cheap Restaurant Leftovers

This startup is reducing food waste and giving you good food for a great price

The venture hopes to raise $50,000 for its final product next summer in both Boston and New York City.

Tech startups in the food industry have been popping up all over, such as David Chang’s Ando delivery-only service, and now there’s an app that allows its users to purchase leftovers from local restaurants.

Food for All is a startup based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that began as graduation project while David Rodriguez, the CEO and founder, was pursuing his master’s in business administration at Hult International Business School, BostInno reported.

The app allows users to pay between 50 and 80 percent of the prices for food at nearby restaurants; however, there is no set menu. Restaurants give users a general idea of the food to expect, but the users won’t be informed until they pick up the food at the restaurant, which can be at the end of a meal shift or right before the restaurant closes.

Food for All is currently in prototype, with a Kickstarter available, but Rodriguez said 30 restaurants in the Boston area have already signed on to pilot the app.

The company’s mission is to not only provide users the opportunity to eat food from restaurants for a fraction of the price, but also to build social awareness about food waste in the industry, most of which ends up in landfills.

“My family back in Mexico comes from the hospitality business,” Rodriguez told BostInno. “I saw how much food was wasted in hotels, restaurants and venues… I wanted to do something about it.”


If the startup reaches its crowdfunding goal, Rodriguez said he believed it was only a matter of time until Food for All reached all of Boston and even New York City.