Florida's Little Bar Restaurant Hosts Its Annual Spam-Themed Hurricane Prevention Party

Annual event dates back to 1992

This isn’t your ordinary rain dance.

Around 200 locals gathered at the Little Bar in Goodland, Florida, on Saturday evening for Spammy Jammy, an annual Spam-themed ritual dating back to 1992 that supposedly steers hurricanes away from Southwest Florida.

Goodland resident Jamie Bozicnik tells Naples Daily News, “It is a hurricane prevention party… Your Spam goes bad pretty quickly, so we use Spam from the year before to ward off hurricanes. It does really work.”

And, for the most part, it has. Florida has not had a hurricane touch its shores since 2005, when Hurricane Wilma hit Goodland head on.

At Spammy Jammy, the suggested attire is pajamas. There are Spam sculptures, cooking, artwork, and architecture.

Celeste Navara, a Goodland resident who has been coming to Little Bar for 30 years, said, “Our purpose is to appease the hurricane gods and goddesses.”

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