Florida Woman Arrested for Leaving Kids Alone at a Waffle House So She Could Drink

The kids were left at the Waffle House for an hour and a half
Woman Abandons Kids to Drink

Wikimedia Commons/Billy Hathorn/CC 3.0

Rhiannon Gentry left three kids alone at a Waffle House in Florida while she went to a bar to drink.

A woman in Florida was arrested on July 20 for leaving three children alone at a Waffle House while she went out drinking at a nearby establishment called Wild Wing Cafe.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that Rhiannon Gentry, 38, of Dade City, left two 12-year-olds and an 11-year-old at the Waffle House. A waitress told police that she left the kids there for an hour and a half with money for food. When the kids realized they did not have enough to pay, they began crying.

A Waffle House customer noticed the children walking to Wild Wing Cafe to find Gentry and followed them to talk to her. Gentry was at the bar with two men.


Gentry was arrested for three counts of deprivation of a minor. Two of the kids are hers and are now being taken care of by their grandmother. The other child was returned to her mother, who told police that she had no idea Gentry was planning to leave them unattended.