Florida Waitress Arrested After Adding $1,000 of Fraudulent Tips to Customers’ Bills

Victoria Bachmann, a waitress at a Palm Harbor restaurant, somehow duped 134 diners out of $1,000 total

She may have thought she was fooling her customers… but her crimes caught up with her.

A Florida waitress will end up doing time for stiffing 134 customers by more than $1,000 when she helped herself to some free (and fraudulent) tips off of their credit cards. Victoria Bachmann, 21, who only worked at the Ozona Blue Grilling Company in Pinellas County, Florida, for one month, was nabbed by authorities after several customers complained to their credit card companies about the fraudulent charges, according to WTSP News. 

Allegedly, according to police, Bachmann made $1,074.15 by entering a higher tip into the computer than customers had entered on their bills. At the end of her shift, she would get more money than she was supposed to. The restaurant would then request payment from the credit card companies, but some of the charges bounced back because they showed up as fraudulent.


Bachmann was fired on April 10, and arrested on May 5 by authorities. It’s safe to say that she won’t be working at a restaurant any time soon.