Florida State Fair Introduces The World To The Funnel Cake Cheeseburger

What will they fry next? Texas may be known as the king of fried foods at its popular annual state fair, but Florida is certainly catching up. This year's Florida State Fair in Tampa, which starts February 4 and lasts almost two weeks, offers a plethora of activities, drinks, and fried food, including the highly-anticipated funnel cake cheeseburger. The burger is a standard bacon cheeseburger, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, and nestled between two sugar-dusted funnel cake "buns."

In addition to this monster mash-up of a burger with a carnival treat, the state fair will feature the two other "people's choice" burgers which were voted on over the past couple of months: a Parmesan-crusted burger coated with a potato chip/Parmesan cheese mixture, then twice-fried and until crispy. The burger is then topped with bacon and mayonnaise-parmesan sauce and torched until melted, according to Yahoo News. The runner-up of the crazy burger contest was the jalapeño-crusted burger: another twice-fried burger patty coated with a corn chip-jalapeño mix, then topped with shredded Mexican-style cheese (melted with a kitchen torch), guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.

All three of these really sound like a mouthful. Are you ready?