Man Charged with Battery After Throwing Slice of Hot Pizza at Roommate

The roommate was not injured, but told police that she was scared by the incident

When police arrived, the man told them that he himself was the victim of the pizza attack. 

Daniel Plunkett, a 50-year-old resident of Florida, was arrested and charged with battery after throwing a slice of hot pizza at his roommate, 56-year-old Brenda Fiejdasz.

After “an argument about pizza,” according to the police report, “the defendant allegedly threw a piece of pizza at the victim, striking her in the left hand… [The] victim had pizza sauce on her right shoulder and cleaned up prior to arrival.”

Plunkett, who is already on felony probation for an unrelated incident — drunk driving and driving with a suspended license — “denied throwing the pizza on the victim” and told police that it was Fiejdasz who threw the pizza on him. The report continues, “[the] defendant was not wearing a shirt and had pizza sauce on his chest and shorts.”

Fiejdasz was not injured in the incident, but she and a witness who was also in the home at the time told police that they were scared of Plunkett.


Authorities charged Plunkett with misdemeanor simple battery, as well as violating the terms of his probation.