Floating Noodles Are the Weird New Trend That’s Arrived in America

These floating noodles may look like they’re hanging from levitating chopsticks, but the reality is much less magical

It’s not magic, but it sure does look convincing!

Move over, ice cream ramen and colorful unicorn noodles. The latest cool carb gimmick is floating noodles. Originating at Hana Restaurant in Singapore, floating noodles literally look like they’re suspended from a pair of levitating chopsticks.

You’ll soon be able to try out floating noodles at Neptunes Raw Bar in Artesia, California. Although the original version features soba noodles, Neptunes floating dish will be made with their signature garlic noodles.

Unfortunately, although they look like magic, the real deal is much less interesting: The cascading noodles cover a hidden wire that props up your “floating” chopsticks giving them the desired eerie effect. You don’t even use your floating chopsticks to eat the dish — instead you’re given a fork. (What a bummer.)


Since floating noodles are so popular in Singapore and lines can stretch up to two hours long, we can only imagine that Neptunes Raw Bar will attract similar crowds. Get yours starting this month for $16.99.