Fired Pizza Workers Speak Out at DNC Against Sexist Wage Gap

Two teenage pizzeria workers took to the stage at the DNC to protest the unfairly sexist wages they were given

They couldn’t believe that Hillary Clinton got ahold of and retweeted their story. 

When Jake Reed and his friend Jensen Walcott got hired at the Pizza Studio in their hometown of Kansas City, Kansas, they were pretty excited. But then they found out that Reed was earning $8.25 an hour, while Walcott — his female friend — was only earning $8 an hour for the same job. Thinking it was a mistake, they brought it to the attention of their employer and were subsequently fired for questioning their wages.

When Jake tweeted his situation, he was shocked that their story went viral and Hillary Clinton showed her support on social media. Then, they got the chance of a lifetime when they were asked to speak about their experience at the Democratic National Convention.

“I may have lost my job, but I’m proud that I spoke up for myself, and I’m glad that Jake stood with me,” Walcott said. “And we’re both glad that Hillary Clinton stood with us.”

“Our story isn’t just about fighting for equal pay,” Reed added. “It’s about doing the right thing and having each other’s back. Because if we don’t do that, nothing will change.”


You can check out the full video here.