Fights Break Out Over New York City Street Cart Vendor’s $30 Hot Dog Rip-Off

An NYC street cart vendor has been caught selling hot dogs for the price of an entrée at a nice restaurant
Fights Break Out Over New York City Street Cart Vendor’s $30 Hot Dog Rip-Off
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There’s something unkosher about this vendor… and it isn’t just the dirty water dogs.

Everyone knows New York City isn’t cheap, but here’s a PSA for all the tourists out there: No self-respecting street cart vendor would sell you a hot dog and a soda for $30. They may be looking to rip you off at least a little, but Ahmed Mohammad, a street cart vendor in downtown Manhattan, near the 9/11 memorial, went too far, charging tourists between $30 and $35 for a pretzel and a hot dog or a hot dog and a soda. The Alliance for Downtown New York said that verbal fights have broken out over the extravagant prices, according to NBC. 

“I said, ‘what are you, a crook?’” a customer named David said. He stormed away after hearing the price. “I am not a tourist, so I know the prices.”

The New York Post caught Mohammad in action, but he pretended he didn’t know what they were talking about.

“Maybe they [complaining customers] don’t speak English,” he told reporters. Security footage clearly shows Mohammad charging some customers $3 and some $30 for the same order.

Although street cart vendors can charge customers whatever they wish, prices must be posted clearly, and in this case, they were not. Usually, prices for a hot dog run between $2 and $4. The New York Post says that the Department of Consumer Affairs will be investigating Mohammad’s business.


New York City street carts are already in trouble after whipping up repeated health violations and complaints of gas fumes.