Fall Came Early This Year with the Release of Pecan Pie M&M’s

The chocolate candy company wanted to get a head start on holiday flavors
Pecan Pie M&M’s for Fall

Photo Modified: Flickr/theimpulsivebuy/CC 4.0

Pecan Pie M&M's were spotted at a Wal-Mart this month.

Fall is coming early this year. Last week, we reported that Peeps is coming out with a pumpkin spice flavor this month, and now M&M’s is ringing in autumn early and releasing a pecan pie flavor.

Someone informed The Impulsive Buy on August 12 that these pecan pie candies are now at Wal-Mart, and presumably other stores.

Apparently, the pecan pie M&M’s do not have a crispy or nutty filling, although pecans clearly would have been a fitting choice. They’re similar to the pumpkin spice M&M’s that debuted at Target back in 2013.

M&M’s has a wide range of seasonal flavors — especially for fall and the holidays. Currently, there are also candy apple, white chocolate candy corn, and gingerbread flavors available, among others.

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The flavors just keep getting crazier and crazier (though they are a little more toned down than Oreos). We can’t wait to see what fall or holiday flavor M&M’s releases next.