Expect Healthier School Lunches: ‘Big Food’ Finally Caving to Michelle Obama’s Nutrition Standards



More whole wheat and vegetables — fewer tater tots and pizza.

It took more than an entire White House term, but it looks like First Lady Michelle Obama’s efforts to bring healthier lunches to school cafeterias nationwide are finally paying off. In the past, big food corporations like Schwan’s, Pillsbury, and Kraft have resisted the First Lady’s demands for healthier options for kids, but some companies are finally starting to cave, and will revamp recipes for ingredients and meals used in cafeterias.Pillsbury breakfast rolls will now be whole grain, snacks like Doritos will only be available in reduced fat versions, and Schwan’s pizza will have less sodium.

Unfortunately, not all of the big food companies are backing down.

“I think a large percentage doesn’t want to change at all,” Gary Vonck, vice president of the education division at Key Impact Sales & Systems, a food service distribution company, told Politico. “I think they feel like they’ve gone through all the changes they need to go through to follow the rules.”

The Obama administration passed the “Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act” five years ago, and since then, changes to the national school lunch and breakfast programs have slowly gone into effect, with low-quality, high-calorie and high-fat foods disappearing from student trays. Domino’s, for instance, started selling the “smart slice” at school, a whole-grain, low-fat pizza slice.


Since the implementation of the new health and nutrition standards, thousands of students have dropped out of their school lunch program, according to Politico.