EXCLUSIVE: José Andrés Creates a Culinary Box for Quarterly, Discusses Culinary Inspirations

Andrés is partnering with Quarterly’s culinary boxes this month to bring a little taste of Spain home to you

It’s like having one of the world’s greatest chefs right in your kitchen!

Quarterly, a box subscription service, brings the best of food, beauty, technology, and art to your door in a monthly curated box, created by some of the top best names in your chosen industry. This month, Quarterly partnered with chef José Andrés of Think Food Group for a culinary collaboration to bring the taste of chef Andrés’ native Spain and some authentic tapas ingredients to your door.

The Daily Meal has the exclusive on the Quarterly interview with one of the leaders of the molecular gastronomy movement, as well as a sneak peek at the contents of chef Andrés’ box, which includes pink Himalayan salt potato chips, iberico ham from Fermin, and white tuna in olive oil.

"Spain is my homeland, and it is a country with unique ingredients and dishes that are simple, humble, and amazing all at the same time,” chef Andrés said. “I am so proud to partner with Quarterly and share some of my favorites with you, so you can make them in your kitchen.”

But chef Andrés wasn’t always a culinary icon. In fact, his earliest cooking lessons came from his father:

“He would make a giant paella at cookouts on Sundays,” Andrés told Quarterly. “As a boy I wanted to help him cook, but he would always make me gather sticks for the fire. One day I got so frustrated I threw a tantrum in front of all the guests. My father said nothing. Then that night he took me aside and told me that the most important part of cooking is not the chopping or sautéing, but controlling the fire.”


You can subscribe to chef Andrés’ box here.