EXCLUSIVE: Baskin-Robbins Celebrates 70th Birthday with Banana Splits and Mini Cupcakes

Baskin-Robbins has unveiled banana split as the flavor of the month along with a new birthday mini cupcake

We’ll take some ice cream…lickety split!

Can you believe that Baskin-Robbins has been around for 70 years?The ice cream brand is celebrating its birthday with the release of a brand-new flavor: banana split, featuring banana-flavored ice cream with chocolate cherry pieces, almonds, and pineapple all swirled with strawberry and hot fudge ribbons. Banana split will be the September flavor of the month.

“To help celebrate Baskin-Robbins' 70th birthday, we wanted to create a new ice cream flavor that was a nod to our brand's heritage and an innovative twist on a classic,” said Jeff Miller, executive chef and vice president of product innovation for Dunkin' Brands. “With our new banana split ice cream, we've taken an iconic American sundae and turned it into a single scoop.”


You can also indulge in the new mini cupcake birthday cake that can be customized with your choice of ice cream and cake flavors. Basically, Baskin will arrange a bunch of mini cupcakes, white chocolate, and candies around a traditional ice cream cake.