Exchange Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts for Whoppers at Burger King

Burger King will swap those white elephants for free burgers in Miami, London, and Brazil

A turtleneck sweater and keychain that says “Call your mother?” Fire up some Whoppers instead.

It may be the season of giving, but for many it’s also the season of re-gifting and saying “Oh you shouldn’t have!” — and really meaning it — over and over. If you didn’t get what you want this holiday season you can come into Burger King, in some places at least, to participate in the Whopper Exchange.

Skip the lines at your local department store and exchange an unwanted present for a Whopper. The best part is, the gifts will be donated to charity because as a Burger King statement says, “"someone's unwanted gift can be someone else's treasure."


If you’ve received an unwanted gift and want to swap it for some fast-food, act fast! The Whopper Exchange will only be taking place on December 26 between 10:30 and 5 pm at participating burger kings in Miami, London, and several cities in Brazil. If you don’t live near those places, you can post a photo of your ugly or unnecessary gift  to Twitter with the #WhopperExchange and be one of 100 people to get a Burger King surprise.