Eataly Partners With Amazon Prime for At-Home Tastings and Lessons

Eataly is partnering with Amazon Prime to offer experiences like a pasta class and wine tasting guide with only a $25 purchase

Salute! This almost sounds too good to be true.

Eataly is celebrating a decade of Italian cuisine and wine with an all-new partnership with Amazon Prime Now called “Order in an Eatalian.” You can already order Eataly goods as of last year, but now if you’re a member and you make an Eataly purchase of $25 or more, you can have an Italian cuisine or wine expert show up at your kitchen to help you make tiramisu from scratch, learn how to taste wine like an expert, make homemade pasta, and more.

For each class, you don’t need to provide anything other than yourself, up to three friends, and a space in which to cook or taste some epicurean Eatalian delights. It sounds too good to be true, but the only catch here is that the deal is only good for orders on one day: Jan. 27.

Here’s a breakdown of each class description:

Tiramisu Lab

- Step-by-step demonstration of making tiramisù

- Recommended recipe

- A plate of tiramisu

Wine Tasting

- Guided tasting of five premium wines

- Background on wine production across Italy’s regions

- Tips to hosting your own wine tasting

Olive Oil Tasting

- Guided tasting of four extra-virgin olive oils

- Profile and background of each olive oil

- Tips and tricks to cooking with olive oil

Salumi and Formaggi Tasting

- Guided tasting of eight salumi and formaggi (cured meats and cheeses)

- Profile and background of each product

- Tips and tricks to preparing a salumi-formaggi platter

Fresh Pasta Lab

- Hands-on lesson on making fresh pasta dough and shapes

- Recommended recipe

- Fresh pasta that you can cook for you and your guests to enjoy

Risotto Lab

- Step-by-step demonstration of making risotto

- Recommended recipe


- A plate of risotto, made right in front of you