Eat a Big Mac Without the Mess with This Ingenious Packaging

You can fashion the box three different ways, depending on where you’re eating

This is what the box would look like when the sides are folded down.

Imagine ordering a Big Mac from the McDonald’s drive-thru when you’re in a hurry. Nobody has time to fuss with a flimsy paper bag while on the go. Enter this cardboard basket, complete with handles, that lets you enjoy your burger and fries without the stress.

Jessica Stoll, an industrial designer, came up with this two-sided packaging. It has handles so you can carry your meal with one hand, and the sides of the box fold down so you can eat from either side. You can also prop it up on a table.

The idea is that you can carry your meal from place to place, eat it on your lap, or enjoy it at a table.

The packaging even comes in a variety of fun patterns to spice up the standard yellow wrapper that surrounds McDonald’s burgers. This prototype is not yet available in stores, but we hope to see it for sale soon.


We spoke to Stoll and she said she just wanted to make the packaging fun for people, “Its goal is capture the simple delight of a child opening up a Happy Meal, while understanding that reality is often hectic and complicated. Eating a meal should be a break from the chaos.”