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This Dutch App Allows Users to Save Money and Prevent Food Waste

NoFoodWasted has also helped grocers save 18 to 25 percent of food a month
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The company is also working with a chef to develop recipes for featured discounted items.

Technology has been used to reduce food waste all over the world with mobile apps like Food for All in Massachusetts and BuffetGO in Finland. In the Netherlands, the mobile app company NoFoodWasted is making moves in the industry with its coming expansion to Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

The NoFoodWasted app notifies shoppers of discounted items at participating grocery stores that are getting close to their “best before” dates, Seeker reported.

The app also uses beacons, a Bluetooth device located at the bottom of shelves at grocery stores, to alert shoppers of almost expired canned or packaged goods when walking by them in an aisle.

NoFoodWasted has helped save $1.56 million worth of food, according to app developer August de Vocht.

"It feels like there's a vibe out there where people are interested in improving their behavior on food waste," de Vocht told Seeker. "But we know that it still can be difficult for them because you have to change the way you shop for groceries."

In addition to calling out items specified by users in shopping lists, the app also recommends similar items that have been recently discounted.


Since its launch in 2014, the app has acquired 20,000 daily users and 175 supermarket partnerships.