Dunkin’ Donuts Fires Employee for Harmful Prank

A worker at a Virginia Dunkin’ Donuts was fired after spraying a box of donuts with cleaning solution
dunkin donuts

Wikimedia Commons / Hao dream-case / CC BY 2.0

For these teens, the doughnuts weren't quite as appetizing as they looked.

Shortly after being accused of spraying a box of doughnuts with a bleach-based cleaning solution, a Dunkin’ Donuts employee was fired from a Fairfax County, Virginia, location.

Allegedly, a group of five teens walked into the Dunkin’ Donuts in question looking for a free box of doughnuts. The teens said a different clerk had given them free doughnuts before at the same location.

The worker refused, but told the teens to come back later. When they returned, he allegedly gave them their desired box of free doughnuts — but not before he had sprayed them with cleaning solution, which contained bleach, known to seriously harm humans when ingested.

Two teens ate whole doughnuts, while the other three needed only a bite to know that something was off. No one was seriously injured, but the teens’ parents are considering pressing charges against Dunkin’ Donuts for the dangerous and mean-spirited prank.


Prosecutors, meanwhile, are exploring potential charges of misdemeanor assault against the employee.