Dress Like a Cow and Get Free Food at Chick-fil-A

Make like a cow and ‘eat mor chikin’

July 14 is Cow Appreciation Day and customers wearing a full cow outfit will receive a free full meal.

July 14 is Cow Appreciation Day, and in honor of the occasion, customers who dress like a cow from head to toe will receive a free full meal at Chick-fil-A, according to their website.

The chain that encourages people to “eat more chikin” will also grant customers in partial cow garb a free entrée. This could be a cow-print hat, T-shirt, accessory, or anything with cow spots — and make sure to say moo!

If you want a free full meal, Chick-fil-A has you covered, too. On their Tumblr page, they have a Cow Starter Kit to help you make your own DIY cow costume. Or opt for a cow onesie to wear in the sweltering July heat. It’s OK, do it for the cows!

Though it might be a little inconvenient to dress like a cow on a Tuesday, Chick-fil-A notes that Tuesdays are slower business days than Fridays.


Redeemable meals and entrées include breakfast, lunch, and dinner items (a full list can be viewed here). Kids who dress up in cow costumes will receive a free kid’s meal.