Double-Yolk Eggs by the Dozen Now Available at Gourmanoff in New York City

If you’re tired of the reign of the egg-white, double down on your appreciation for the egg yolk with these extra-endowed eggs

Double-yolk eggs are available by the dozen at Gourmanoff in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. 

Gourmanoff, a new high-end grocery store in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn is now carrying cartons of double-yolk eggs from Sauder’s, an egg wholesaler based in Pennsylvania, reports Grub Street.

Though Sauder’s has long offered double-yolk cartons in its inventory, Gourmanoff and other grocers have only recently expressed interest.

It might surprise you to find out double-yolks are not that rare — approximately one in 1,000 eggs — and are packaged together on purpose, so the discovery of a double-dozen does not represent an incredible statistical anomalyA quality control representative for Sauders also told Grub Street that double-yolks are more likely to come from the first chickens to be put into a chicken house.

However, if you were wondering, various folkloric traditions connect double-yolk eggs with a future pregnancy, twins, and the impending death of a family member.   

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