DoorDash to be More Transparent About Service Costs

Change fueled by customer and restaurant complaints on artificially inflating food prices

New update will include a ‘service fee’ in order to reflect accurate menu prices.

Ordering in can be a much-needed indulgence, but how much extra are you actually paying for the convenience? DoorDash has recently been hit with complaints from both customers and restaurants for upcharging food to keep service fees low, and is now changing its ways.

For example, a Brew Pub Philly at Applebee’s that normally costs $13.49 is listed for $16.50 on DoorDash’s website, and a $10.99 BLT from Italian eatery A.G. Ferrari costs $14.95, reports Bloomberg. In addition to the markup, DoorDash charges a $5.99 delivery fee, tax, and tip. The extra charge comes from restaurants that don’t already pay a commission to DoorDash for each delivery, according to Tech Crunch.


DoorDash chief executive officer Tony Xu says, “We will soon announce a change to be more transparent. We will list our service fee as a separate cost from menu prices in a few weeks.”