Donald Trump Jr. Threatens Legal Action After José Andrés Pulls Out of DC Trump Hotel


This is the latest development in the Trump vs. Jose Andrés debacle.

Chef José Andrés has “dumped Trump” after public outrage following the billionaire presidential candidate’s recent disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants.Andrés said in a statement, "As a proud Spanish immigrant and recently naturalized American citizen myself, I believe that every human being deserves respect, regardless of immigration status.” Now, following Andrés’ decision to back out of plans to open a restaurant inside the upcoming Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., Trump and his family are threatening legal action.

"Our relationship with José Andrés has always been a good one, but simply put, José has no right to terminate or otherwise abandon his obligations under the lease," Donald Trump Jr. told NBC. "We will also enforce the exclusivity provisions preventing Mr. Andrés from opening a competing restaurant anywhere in the D.C. area."


Trump is threatening legal action because Andrés allegedly backed out of a binding 10-year lease with the hotel. Andrés would not comment on this latest legal development, or on whether he plans to continue opening restaurants in Washington, D.C. Chef Andrés already owns multiple restaurants in the D.C. area, including minibar and Jaleo.