Denny’s Swag


Don’t Miss Out: A New Denny’s Swag Giveaway Is Coming

Giveaway opens up after a Facebook Live event today at 2 p.m.

For those who missed out on Denny’s last themed swag giveaway — which lasted a matter of minutes — the chain is hosting yet another giveaway this afternoon.

At 2 p.m. EST, Denny’s will host its first-ever Facebook Live event on its Facebook page, where fans will be able to ask questions and interact with a live animation of its pancake mascot.  Denny’s officials said this may be the first-ever attempt at live animation on a social media platform, but they are not absolutely sure.

Immediately following the event, a link to claim the freebies will be posted on Facebook.

In celebration of the launch of the chain's  new pancakes (and its “Love ‘em or They’re Free Guarantee), most of the free, branded swag items are pancake-themed, including body spray, candles, leggings, socks, T-shirts, and Denny’s ForkPro.

Here are nine things we bet you didn’t know about Denny’s.

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