DNC Delegates Turn Attention to Regional Food Fight

Delegates from New York and Pennsylvania decided to try to solve the age-old debate: cheesesteak or cheesecake?

Wikimedia Commons / Qqqqqq / CC BY-SA 3.0

Democrats have gathered in Philadelphia for their convention this week.

The Democratic National Convention has been marred by protests that have highlighted the divide in the party between the supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Another divide, however, has delegates priming for a food fight.

New Yorkers and Philadelphians have argued for generations about the relative merits of a Philly cheesesteak and a New York cheesecake. Delegates decided to settle the debate once and for all.

In one corner was Pennsylvania Rep. Brendan Boyle with a Pat’s cheesesteak. In the other was New York Rep.s Carolyn Maloney, armed with a Junior’s cheesecake.

The undercard was equally matched: New York pizza versus Philly pretzels, New York bagels against Philly cannolis, and New York pastrami battling a Philly pork sandwich.

After apologizing to Michelle Obama (she has been an outspoken advocate for healthy eating), a panel of judges got the bout underway.

In the end, the New York cheesecake topped Pat’s steak in an upset, but Philly took the composite score victory. Both sides could agree, however, that two better food cities don’t exist in the United States.

Perhaps supporters of Clinton and Sanders could follow that model, too.

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