Murder Suspect Identified by DNA on Pizza Crust ‘Doesn’t Like Pizza,’ Says Lawyer

‘He doesn’t like pizza,’ the lawyer said in an interview

The lawyer failed to indicate why his client’s DNA was found the pizza if, indeed, his client does not eat pizza. 

Remember Daron Wint, the man identified, by way of a discarded pizza crust, as the sole suspect in the murder of a family in Woodley Park, Washington?

Wint’s lawyer is now contesting the forensic evidence on the grounds that his client does not eat pizza.

“He doesn’t like pizza, he doesn’t order pizza,” attorney Robin Ficker said in an interview with ABC News. “If you don’t like pizza and you’re holding people hostage in a house, aren’t you going to look in the refrigerator for something else?”

Oh, and apparently, if Ficker or his pizza-hating client were ever to eat pizza, it wouldn’t touch the inside of their mouths.

“When you eat a pizza, you’re not getting the inside of your mouth on the pizza. You’re trying to convince us that a touch of someone’s lips on a pizza crust means that a murder was committed hours later by the pizza biter? This pizza stuff is a stretch.”


Ficker reportedly plans to consult with forensic experts about the validity of the evidence in question.