Disabled Man Allegedly Finds Insulting Willy Wonka Reference on His Burger King Wrapper

A disabled man with an unusual physical birth defect is outraged after finding an insulting Willy Wonka reference on his wrapper

Nathan Hrdlicka said that he is used to the stares and whispers, but did not expect this.

One disabled man is hurt and outraged after allegedly receiving a mocking comment on his burger wrapper at a Minnesota Burger King, that said, “golden ticket to choclate [sic] factory.” Nathan Hrdlicka, who stands at just four and a half feet tall and suffers from lateral PFFD, a rare birth disorder that has left him with no femur bones or knees, told the local Fox News station that he is used to disrespectful or rude comments, but never expected this.

"I've seen a lot,” Hrdlicka said.  “I've never in my life had someone disrespect me like that at a place where I was just buying a burger."

The handwritten message on his burger wrapper was most likely a reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s diminuative Oompa Loompa characters. Hrlicka had taken his wheelchair through the drive-in in Prior Lake to order because he said it was too wide to fit through the door. He then had an argument with employees about his change when he noticed the scrawled offensive message on his burger wrapper. He also told Fox that when he complained to the police about his discriminatory treatment, his complaint was ignored.


"I'm really disappointed something like this would happen in the country and time we live in,” he said.