Bacon Scarf


Denny’s Gives Away Free Themed Swag, Runs Out Immediately

Better luck next time on snagging a free bacon scarf

Things aren’t looking so ‘sunny side up’ for Denny’s fans who wanted to score some free swag. The chain posted a “mock-Home Shopping Network infomercial,” as described by Eater, showing various breakfast-inspired clothing and other goods, all for “zero easy payments of zero dollars.” Predictably, the items were “All Gone!” in less than an hour.

A Denny’s rep tells Eater that around 1,000 items were available in this first promotion, and that there are plans to offer another 1,000 items to fans. Items in the first giveaway included a pancake shirt, bacon scarf, bacon candle, egg hoodie, and various breakfast-themed skate decks. A second giveaway just hours after the first resulted in a similar frenzy and more disappointed customers that didn’t get to the free items fast enough.   

One successful Denny’s fan tweets, “I've always loved you Denny's and will never not love you. Thank you for my bacon scarf.” Meanwhile, a less fortunate fan tweets, “[I]t's all gone!! I clicked 20 seconds after you posted the tweet and it was all sold out already.”

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