Delivery Man Foils Robbery Attempt with Pizza Box

An armed robber changed his mind after he was hit with a pizza box
Delivery Man Foils Robbery Attempt with Pizza Box

Photo Modified: Flickr/Marc Wathieu/CC 2.0

The would-be robber chose to run away instead. 

A pizza delivery man managed to foil an attempted robbery this week by using the box to defend himself.

According to the Wilmington Police Department, a Domino’s driver was lured to an address under the belief that he was making a delivery, but was met by an armed robber, who demanded money.

The driver refused, and opted instead to hit the gunman with the pizza box, according to a police spokesperson.

The robber, 25-year-old Evan Tyler Gordon, tried to flee the scene, but was soon located in the area by police. Gordon has been charged with attempted armed robbery.


Earlier this month, a Papa John’s delivery man who encountered robbers of his own was not so lucky. The two men managed to steal a $50 delivery order after choking the driver, and then ran into the woods. The driver only suffered minor injuries.