This Delivery App Lets You Order Food and Help End Childhood Hunger at the Same Time

Sharebite is a New York City-based takeout service that will feed one child for every order placed for delivery

Order in. Eat well. Do good.

Meal delivery services are popping up all over urban areas, but if you’re trying to choose between a newfangled takeout app and logging into your Seamless account yet again, consider this charitable option. Sharebite is a year-old food delivery app that launched in New York City and connects hungry customers with food charities. Sharebite’s new partnership with City Harvest donates five meals for a child in need per order. Usually it’s only one meal per order, but the delivery service increased its charitableness just for the holiday season.

You can participate in Sharebite’s “million meal mission” by simply ordering from one of 2,000 participating restaurants available on the service’s app, available for iOS and Android or online at, and ordering anytime throughout the month of December.

“The average New Yorker enjoys the luxury of ordering out two to three times per week, yet there are over 400,000 children across the city who don’t have enough food to get by,” Mohsin Memon, Sharebite founder and CEO, said in a statement. “We’re utilizing the power of technology to solve this problem without sacrificing the convenience that New Yorkers crave. The average New Yorker could help feed over 300 meals per year to these children facing hunger by simply ordering their takeout on Sharebite.”


When the app launched last holiday season, Sharebite donated 50,000 meals to hungry children in need.