David Chang Says Next Year Will Be All About Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

Even though 2015 is still three months away from being over, David Chang is already saying "out with the old and in with the new food trends!"Chang has predicted via Twitter that while this year was the year of the flatbread, next year will be wasabi mashed potatoes' time to shine.

He's right about the flatbreads: The Daily Meal recently rounded up a list of delectable flatbread recipes for late summer, from potato flatbread to flatbread lasagna. And Todd English seems to have an affinity for flatbreads on his menus (holy mushroom broccoli rabe flatbread!).

If next year is the year of the wasabi mashed potato, we can't wait to see how chef Chang plays with the spicy twist on the comfort food classic at any one of his Momofuku locations. For now, we'll tide ourselves over with this wasabi mashed potatoes recipe.