David Chang Meets the Mets: Fuku Chicken and Papa Rosso Pizza Are Now at Citi Field

Citi Field has welcomed new culinary vendors, including David Chang’s fried chicken spot and a new pizzeria from Danny Meyer
The “Amazin’ Mets” have gone beyond peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

Joanna Fantozzi/The Daily Meal

The “Amazin’ Mets” have gone beyond peanuts and Cracker Jacks. 

The New York Mets are rounding the bases this year and the season hasn’t even started yet. Citi Field, their home field, has unveiled a host of new culinary vendors — most notably David Chang (The Daily Meal’s 2015 chef of the year) and his famous fried chicken sandwich from Fuku.

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The team has also revealed a new fast casual pizza counter from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events — Papa Rosso — created exclusively for sports stadiums and concerts venues.

“This is a dream to be a part of this opening season at Citi Field,” Chang said at the culinary vendor press conference at Citi Field. “Growing up, watching baseball with my dad, and eating hot dogs for the first time was my first real experience of Americana. We’re excited to offer the chicken sandwich; it will go well with a cold beer in hand, sitting in the stands. It’s undeniable that being able to serve food in a new way for a new generation of kids going to the ballpark with their families is an amazing opportunity.”

But don’t expect to see too many hot dogs topped with caramel sauce, or giant double-decker pizza burgers at Citi Field.

“We like to keep it simple at Citi Field,” chef Chang told The Daily Meal.

In case you’re wondering, chef Chang’s favorite ballpark snack is salted peanuts, “because I love being able to make a [bleep]ing mess everywhere and they’re delicious,” with a cold cup of Budweiser.


More highlights from Citi Field’s new gastronomic offerings include a pulled pork and jalapeño-topped macaroni & cheese from Blue Smoke, the SmokeShack burger from Shake Shack, and numerous carnivorous offerings from Pat LaFrieda meats.