Dairy Queen Creates a DQ Bakes Institute to Further Explore Oven-Baked Foods and Desserts

The institute is opening after the well-received launch of the DQ Bakes menu last month

THe Chicken Bacon BBQ Snack Melt is one of the items from Dairy Queen's DQ Bakes menu.

Dairy Queen has created a DQ Bakes! Institute at their corporate headquarters in Minneapolis following the release of DQ Bakes menu items for their 75th anniversary, according to a press release.

The institute was launched in partnership with Berkshire Hathaway to create new and innovative menu items for Dairy Queen. DQ Bakes is a line of warm sandwiches and desserts — a surprising move for the chain known for its famous Blizzard Treats.

Barry Westrum, executive vice president of marketing for the American Dairy Queen Corporation, explains that the launch of DQ Bakes is an opportunity to explore and develop other new products. “The DQ Bakes Institute tells a bigger story about what fans can expect in the future from DQ Bakes and the Dairy Queen system,” Westrum said in a statement.


Dairy Queen employees from around the world will learn how to prepare new menu items at the institute. They will be instructed by the product development team behind DQ Bakes.