Cucumber Salmonella Update: 3 Dead, 558 Sick

At least one lawsuit has been filed against Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce, the company that distributed the cucumbers
Cucumber Salmonella Update: 3 Dead, 558 Sick


According to the latest data from public health officials, 112 of those infected have been hospitalized. 

Three deaths and 558 illnesses have now been confirmed in the latest figures from the salmonella outbreak in early September and  linked to cucumbers imported from Mexico and distributed by Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce in San Diego, California.

The third death, following that of an elderly resident in California and a woman in Texas, has been reported in Arizona by federal officials. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 112 of those infected have been hospitalized, and the strain, salmonella poona, has been found across 33 states. The states with the highest contamination counts are California (120), Arizona (95), and Utah (46).

According to the latest update from the CDC, “Illnesses that occurred after August 28, 2015 might not be reported yet,” given the time between symptoms of salmonella infection, and the confirmation by public health officials that the illness is indeed connected to the outbreak.

More details regarding those affected after August 28 will be available within “an average of two to four weeks,” the CDC said.


At least one lawsuit in connection to this outbreak is currently underway, according to Food Safety News