Criminal’s Pizza Order Leads to SWAT Team Standoff, During Which He Orders More Pizza

Criminal Orders Pizza During Police Showdown

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

If anyone can get a pizza delivered to prison, it might be this man. 

A Texas resident was so determined to eat pizza that he wouldn’t let a SWAT team get in the way, according to a news report from NBCDFW, an NBC affiliate.

Earlier this week, Daniel Gurney’s order to a local pizzeria turned into a police standoff after the shop owner recognized Gurney as a customer who had previously used a bad credit card, and called the authorities to report him for fraud.

When the police ran a check on Gurney’s address, they subsequently discovered that he had four probation violation warrants for aggravated assault, reports NBCDFW.

Police showed up to Gurney’s resident to arrest him, but he refused to cooperate, attempting to escape through the back door and then refusing to leave his home.

Resisting arrest apparently only made his hunger for pizza even greater, and Gurney managed to place a second order from what was presumably a different pizzeria. A delivery man showed up with the goods, but unfortunately for Gurney, police advised the man to take his business elsewhere.

Disheartened and tear-gassed, according to the news report, and presumably still hungry, Gurney later surrendered peacefully. 

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