This Crazy Bloody Mary Comes With a Cold Pizza Slice Garnish

The College Daze Bloody Mary is being sold at the Minnesota Twins’ Target Field

In the days of increasingly wild ballpark concessions, this certainly tops the list.

Okay, Major League Baseball. You’re messing with us now, right? We may have been able to accept the churro dog, and even the bacon-stuffed Krispy Kreme dog seemed inspired, if heart attack-inducing, but now you’re not even trying. The newest wacky ballpark concession comes from the Minnesota Twins: a Bloody Mary with a whole slice of cold pepperoni pizza as a garnish.

You can get the appropriately named College Daze Bloody Mary at Hrbek’s Grill in the stadium. In addition to the slice of pizza, your Bloody Mary comes with a full charcuterie board attached to the drink: a beef stick, pepper jack and Cheddar cheese cubes, and a pepperoncini. If you don’t fancy a pizza-fied Bloody Mary, you can always go for the frankly refreshing-sounding Blue Moon Creamsicle shake, which is currently being served at the Minnesota Twins’ spring training stadium down in Florida.


We probably shouldn’t be too surprised at this creation. After all, the simple Bloody Mary has suffered such abuse before. Remember when Guy Fieri served a 52-ounce Bloody Mary in a punch bowl?