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Couple Sues Burger King for $17.35, Racks Up $113.90 in Court Fees

Dispute began over being charged for the incorrect meal and not receiving a refund

A Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, couple has been hit with a whopping $113.90 in court fees after suing Burger King for $17.35.

Patty Wargo visited a Burger King in Mechanicsburg back in November. She was charged for an incorrect meal, and the transaction was voided before charging Wargo for the correct amount. Wargo was told by the restaurant’s manager that the refund was in the system and would appear within seven to 10 business days, reports ABC 27.

Patty and her husband, Doug Wargo, filed a suit in small claims court for $17.35 after not receiving the refund. “I’m the type, I’ll follow up,” Patty says. “It’s my money. You took it.” The refund came in a few days after the couple filed the claim.

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The Wargos went to court to get Burger King to reimburse the $113.90 in court fees they paid up front and won, however the money has yet to go through since the judgement over a month ago. Doug says, “We just assumed that the system works. And now we’re finding out it’s rather hopeless.”