Cops, Firefighters, and Security Guards are America’s Most Overweight Workers, Data Shows


On the other end of the scale, economists, scientists and psychologists are the least obese group by occupation. 

A sampling of occupation groups within the United State and the prevalence of obesity within, charted by The Wall Street Journal, shows that America’s most overweight employees are police officers, firefighters, and security guards.

As a group, this work force has an obesity rate of 40.7 percent, followed by social workers, clergy, and counselors at 35.6 percent of workers. In this case, obesity was defined as having a body mass of 30 or above.

The data, taken from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine’s 2014 report based on data from 2014. While law enforcement came in at most obese, the lowest obesity rate (14.2 percent) belonged to economics, scientists, and psychologists. The next group, with an obesity rate of 20.1 percent, consisted of artists, actors, athletes and reporters.


As for the average American, the data from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine shows that approximately 27.7 percent of the workforce is obese.