Coolhaus’ Official ‘Hateful Eight’ Ice Cream Sandwich Is Quentin-Approved

The scoop on the ice cream sandwich inspired by Tarantino’s film

Image courtesy of Coolhaus

On the ‘blood’ cherry swirl, “You know Quentin. There has to be blood!”

Quentin Tarantino fans in Culver City can now get a taste of Quentin Tarantino’s new film The Hateful Eight in the form of a delicious ice cream sandwich. Coolhaus, in collaboration with Quentin Tarantino and The Weinstein Group, has created an official ice cream sandwich for The Hateful Eight.

Angela Gamba, media and brand strategist for Coolhaus, writes in an email, “Food is a big theme in each of Quentin's movies, so the collaboration made sense.” Tarantino also happens to be a known fan of Coolhaus.

The Hateful Eight ice cream sandwich features, “Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate-covered espresso beans & a ‘blood’ cherry swirl between two black & white cookies,” according to Coolhaus. “Coffee plays an important role in The Hateful Eight, so we had to include chocolate-covered espresso beans,” Angela writes. The Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream is meant to represent the blizzard in the movie that traps all eight characters together. On the ‘blood’ cherry swirl, Angela writes, “You know Quentin. There has to be blood!” As a special touch, Coolhaus has printed each of the eight characters on edible wrappers.

Coolhaus served the ice cream sandwiches at the after party for the movie’s world premiere on December 7 at Le Jardin, as well as at the press conference on December 5 at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

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The ice cream sandwich has been approved by Quentin and The Weinstein Group, and is available now at Coolhaus’ Culver City Scoop Shop in single sandwiches and in packs of eight.