Cooking for The Beckhams: Wolfgang Puck Reveals All

Puck says Victoria is ‘uptight‘ and describes David as a ‘straight eater’

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock

The celebrity chef reveals that when the couple dines at Cut in Los Angeles, Victoria only wants vegetables.

Is Posh Spice a ‘cut’ above the rest?

Wolfgang Puck gives an insider’s look at the eating habits of David and Victoria Beckham in an interview with Heat Magazine. Puck, who is no stranger to cooking for celebrities, says that when the couple dines at Cut in Los Angeles, Victoria prefers vegetables while David “will happily tuck into a steak,” reports The Daily Mail.

He reveals that Victoria will order spinach with ‘a touch of salt’ or steamed vegetables. Puck adds, “She's uptight. Everything has to be right. She's not interested in talking to anyone,” and goes on to suggest that she puts on a ‘game face’ for public appearances.

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Puck tells Heat, “David's there with a steak and she's there with vegetables,” adding that he could “talk and talk” to David. He describes David as a “straight eater” and has simple tastes. Puck also acknowledges that Victoria is always impeccably dressed.