Clever and Simple Redesign Makes Takeout Bags Infinitely More Useful

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

The fast food takeout experience just became a little more intelligent. 

The creative agency DDB Budapest performed a brilliantly simple redesign of the McDonald’s takeout bag that makes it so much more useful and environmentally friendly than we’ve ever seen.

And that’s not to put the onus of responsibility on McDonald’s, because any takeout establishment could adopt this format — though the sheer size of McDonald’s as a corporation would likely cause a useful ripple effect if they integrated the design.

In the words of DDB Budapest, the team hopes “this little idea will help McDonald’s to refresh the takeaway experience.”

The McDonalds’ Bagtray — which isn’t actually in production at the moment, as far as we can tell — works as both a takeout bag and a fast food tray, easily separated by a perforated tab.

This adaptation also makes it easier to eat McDonald’s in the car without someone being the designated bag-holder and inevitable thief of all the best fries. 


McDonald’s BagTray from DDB Budapest on Vimeo.