Churro Pop-Up Creates a Cotton Candy Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Did we mention it’s rainbow, covered in edible glitter, and topped with an edible butterfly?

The limited-time ice cream sandwich will be available this weekend at the 626 Night Market in Arcadia, California.

The latest rainbow-colored food creation comes from The Naughty Churro, a Los Angeles churro pop-up.

Owner Nick Fasone and his wife developed a cotton candy churro ice cream sandwich, which is topped with edible glitter and butterflies for some extra flair.

Fasone told FoodBeast, “We just thought that it’s summer and fair/theme park season so cotton candy would be a nice tie-in.”

The cotton candy churro ice cream sandwich will make its debut this Friday at the 626 Night Market in Arcadia, California.

The 626 Night Market, which celebrates its fifth year, is the largest Asian-themed night market in the United States, according to the event website.

The Naughty Churro will be at booth C12, and a full list of vendors can be found here.


Cap'N Crispy, another vendor at the market, will be offering a rainbow-colored item as well. Its Rainbow Bomb is a crispy nori-wrapped Tom Yum rice ball with rainbow cheese, served with a sparkler “to look like a lit pirate’s cannonball.”