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Chong’s Choice Teams Up With Défoncé Chocolatier for Cannabis-Infused Candy Bars

“These bars are like rectangles of munchies heaven”
chocolate bar

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Défoncé sourced unique ingredients for the line of Chong’s Choice chocolate bars.


Chong’s Choice, one of the largest cannabis brands in the United States, has teamed up with Défoncé Chocolatier to add to the growing world of edibles with their new line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars.

Chong’s Choice currently produces pre-rolls, flower jars with hand-picked strains, oil cartridges, and THC strips, but the company decided to collaborate with Défoncé on the new product shortly after recreational marijuana was legalized in California last month, Confectionery News reported.

“As a swiftly growing and ambitious cannabis company, we work hard to find premium partners…And in Défoncé, we know we have found a fantastic collaborator,” Tommy Chong, founder of Chong’s Choice, said in a statement.

The line of chocolate bars includes five flavors: Crunchy Munchies, Wake ‘N’ Bacon, Cereal Bowl, Mellow Milk, and Dark Daze.

Although gummies have been on the rise among cannabis-infused edibles, Chong’s Choice and Défoncé will most likely stick to chocolate products.

“You won’t see Défoncé gummies on the shelves anytime soon, unless I pick up a sweet tooth,” Chong said.

The line will be officially released this month.


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