Chipotle Is Trying to Win You Back by Offering Twice the Amount of Free Food

Chipotle has released new promotions to its restaurants and will be doubling the amount of prizes and giveaways to customers
Chipotle really, really wants you to forgive it.


Chipotle really, really wants you to forgive it.

After a series of safety scares that resulted in 200 illnesses and at least 50 stores being shut down, Chipotle is trying to win us back.

The burrito chain is in the midst of fighting multiple lawsuits from investors, customers who were sickened by the E. coli and norovirus outbreaks, and a subpoena from the federal government. In addition to overhauling safety procedure, the company will be doubling the amount of free food it gives out.

According to CNBC, the company sent out an email to its store managers stating how much they could increase their giveaways and reward customers, although the specific fiscal amount was not mentioned. Starting this February, the company will also be ramping up its marketing techniques in an effort to win customers back into the fold of the tortilla.

“I have confidence that we're going to recover from this," said co-CEO Steve Ells, during a conference presentation to investors.

Chipotle will also be doubling the amount of funds spent on food safety procedures, the expenditures of which will be made up by incremental menu price increases starting in 2017. 

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