Chipotle Looks to Add Breakfast and Dessert Options to Menu

The ‘Food with Integrity’ restaurant chain hopes to make a comeback from dropped sales with new menu options

Will the traditional Chipotle burrito withstand coming changes to the menu? 

Chipotle is known for its simplistic and consistent food options, and has rarely changed the menu in its 23 years of business. However, in an effort to increase sales and regain customer interest and loyalty after a year of foodborne illness outbreaks and lawsuits, the food chain has two potential desserts and some breakfast items in the works.

Just this week, Chipotle released its third-quarter earnings, which were lower than expected. Revenue dropped 14.8 percent, showing how the chain is still struggling to make its comeback a year after the E. coli and norovirus outbreaks. Chipotle also reported that chorizo, which only just launched this summer, now makes up 7 percent of entrée sales, around the same as carnitas.  

Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle’s chief creative officer, said he hoped new menu items would boost sales, as chorizo recently did. "That stuff works when people say, ‘Oh, something new, I want to try that,’" he told Fast Company.


In addition to dessert items, Chipotle is also looking to dive into breakfast. The chain tested out a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and crispy potatoes in the past, but stopped offering the item after it failed to spark customer interest. Although the previous breakfast item was not as successful as planned, co-CEO Steve Ells said expanding back into breakfast was up for consideration.