Chipotle Is Going on a Massive Hiring Spree and Will Add 4,000 People to the Team in One Day

Chipotle is celebrating its first-ever National Career Day on September 9 by hiring 4,000 new employees

Have you always wanted to work for Chipotle? Now would be a good time to try.

Chipotle is celebrating its first-ever National Career Day by going on a company record-breaking hiring spree: adding 4,000 people to the team in one day.On September 9, management teams at each Chipotle nationwide will hold interviews for up to 60 candidates between 8 and 11 a.m. Since the current Chipotle team is at 60,000 people, the company will be adding 15 percent more employees.

“We believe that our success is the direct result of our incredibly strong people culture, which is rooted in having teams of all top performers, and developing them to be the leaders we will need to accommodate our growth,” said Monty Moran, co-CEO at Chipotle in a press release. “We are constantly looking for great people to join our team….For people who embrace that culture, the opportunities are tremendous, and we hope job-seekers looking to further their career and join a dynamic team will come join us on National Career Day.”


If you’re wondering why you should join Chipotle (as opposed to any other fast food job): the company claims that 95 percent of the employees are promoted internally, so you (allegedly) wouldn’t be making $15 per hour for long.