Chipotle Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit From Former Employee

Former employee alleges she and other female workers at the franchise were sexually harassed by four managers

Flickr / Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0

Lawsuit alleges the managers “created a sexually-charged atmosphere.” 

Free burritos won’t get Chipotle out of this one. A former employee has sued the burrito giant and is seeking unspecified damages on the basis of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and discrimination. 

In the lawsuit, Ariana Castaneda claims, “all four managers created a sexually charged atmosphere directed at female employees and customers,” quotes NBC San Diego. The suit also says a black uniform shirt that was too small for Castaneda was purposely ordered, and when she asked for a larger shirt a manager said, “Is it because your [breasts] are too big?”

The lawsuit also alleges a manager would try to forcibly hug Castaneda and touch her under her shirt after putting his hands on a cold substance. The suit states, “Often, when an attractive woman would walk in, [Pablo] Aguilar would rush to the back office to use the security cameras so he could gain an overhead view of the customer’s cleavage.” Aguilar is the general manager of the restaurant, according to The Daily News.


Castaneda alleges that she lost her job for complaining about conditions in the workplace. The Daily Meal reached out to Chipotle for comment and the company does not discuss details surrounding pending legal action.