Chipotle Crisis Not Over Yet: Another Store Closes Over Norovirus Fears

Just when Chipotle thought it had dodged the worst of its food safety concerns, another store has been closed temporarily in connection to a possible nororvirus outbreak.

The Chipotle location in question, located about 25 miles outside of Boston, was shuttered immediately after an employee tested positive for norovirus, and three other employees reported feeling ill. A bout of norovirus in connection with Chipotle burritos sickened dozens of Boston College students just this past December.

The store was closed on Tuesday for a "full sanitation inspection," and will likely remain closed today just to make sure, according to USA Today.

"We do not know if the employees are ill with norovirus and no customers' illnesses are connected to this restaurant," Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold said in a statement. "Any employees who reported feeling ill will be tested and held out of the restaurant until they fully recover."

Chipotle was recently subpoenaed in a federal investigation following several foodborne illness outbreaks connected to Chipotle in late 2015, including norovirus and E. coli. The burrito chain also recently announced new food safety techniques and will be offering free and discounted food coupons in attempts to win back customers.