Chick This Out! Peeps-Inspired Oreos Are Coming Soon

The latest Oreo flavor — peeped by Instagram users — has popped up on Peeps Oreos. The springtime cookie, inspired by the timeless adorable Eastertime marshmallow treats, features a golden Oreo cookie stuffed with bubblegum-pink-colored marshmallow crème. Not only that, but if the packaging is any indication, the brightly colored marshmallow crème is coated in sparkly sanding sugar, reminiscent of the coating of the actual chick-and-bunny-shaped treats.

Instagram user The Junk Food Aisle seems to have spotted the Peeps Oreos, but has not indicated when they'll be seen on shelves, only saying, "They should be out soon." Oreo has not yet confirmed the existence of these festive cookies, but we're hopeful they will any day now.

The last warm-weather Oreo flavor to hit shelves (and our cupboards) was last year's strawberry shortcake variety.  This is not the only Oreo-themed snack we want to fill our Easter baskets with, either. In Canada you can get Oreo crème-filled Cadbury eggs, which makes us very jealous of our neighbors in the north.