A Chennai Woman Opens a Food Bank to Feed the Homeless

A 23-year-old in India looks to solve hunger problem with her charity

Sneha Mohandos is the 23-year-old founder of the Food Bank of Chennai.

She’s only 23 years old, but has big dreams to fight hunger.

Sneha Mohandos of Chennai, India, — located on the eastern end on the Bay of Bengal — wanted to do something to help people in her town. She noticed that of the area is poverty-stricken and decided to start her own charity called The Food Bank.

This charity looks to ensure that those in need will have something to eat. When people cook for their families, Mohandos asks that they make a little extra to give away. Then, those who cook reach out to her via Facebook or Whatsapp when the food is ready to be distributed. Volunteers pick up the food and hand it to those living on the street.

“I started the group on Facebook because most of the people spend their time there and many of them might be interested in this but they just need a connecting point,” Mohandos told Icy Tales.

The Food Bank first started in June, and within one month, volunteers were distributing 55 containers of food a day to the needy.


“In the next few years I wish to see every street dweller sleep in peace having had their three meals for the day,” Mohandos told Icy Tales.